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THE New York Gospel Stars

Love, passion and the scent of pine needles are in the air. Faith, charity and music add up to one of the most beloved features of the Christmas season: gospel.

For the ninth year in a row, the New York Gospel Stars go on tour in Germany in order to inspire their loyal fans and those, who have yet to experience the sheer power and joy radiating into the audience every time they perform. It sure is a breathtaking event! Gospel is music that evokes hope.

Choirmaster Craig Wiggins, like no other, knows how to read an audience and to lead his choir of eight on to indescribable musical paths which ultimately link the performers’ to the audience’s energies that create an atmosphere in which time and space do not matter. There is just music!

With the support of pianist Eugene Reid and drummer Jermaine Allen, the New York Gospel Stars Matia Washington, Latoya Duggan, Ahmed Wallace, Tyrone Flowers, Keesha Gumbs and Alison Mitchell leave nothing to be desired and enthuse old and young, big and small.

Every single concert conveys hope and gratitude resulting from an unconditional love of God. Whoever expects a prudent concert is mistaken. The vocal range and power of every single artist is as enormous as the choir’s repertoire. This comes as no surprise considering the fact that they already collaborated with superstars such as Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and Justin Timberlake.

Traditional gospel, dreamy ballads and smash hits that will sweep you off your feet, make for a harmonious blend, ready to create a memorable concert experience.

The New York Gospel Stars will be touring 70 cities throughout the winter season. 






Zusatztermin in Kassel bestätigt am 23.02.2019 um 15 Uhr


Am 23.02.2019 kommen die New York Gospel Stars zwei Mal nach Kassel. Das Zusatzkonzert wird ebenfalls in der Kreuzkirche stattfinden. Einlass wird 14 Uhr sein und Beginn des Konzertes um 15 Uhr. Karten sind ab jetzt erhältlich. 

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New York Gospel Stars bei ZDF


Schaut mal - die New York Gospel Stars waren zu Gast bei Volle Kanne mit Bülent Ceylan          

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